Join us for your next Nitrox Diving Course in Khao Lak and Go enriched air!

Dive today with Enriched Air Nitrox.

In recreational diving Enriched Air or Nitrox (or EAN) is defined by any mixture of Nitrogen and Oxygen with a percentage of oxygen included between 21 and 40%.

The two most commonly used Nitrox mixtures are: 32% and 36% oxygen.
In all cases the other gas in the mix, is nitrogen.

Diving with such a mixture can give you many advantages:

  • Longer no deco limits
  • Shorter surface time intervals
  • Reduced Post Diving Fatigue
  • Better gas consumption (+10%)
  • Reduced Narcosis
  • Up to 50 times cleaner than standard air
  • Additional safety with flying times and altitude diving

For example – No decompression maximum time:

Depth Air Limit Nitrox Limit with best Mix
20 meters 45 minutes 219 minutes
26 meters 20 minutes 56 minutes
32 meters 14 minutes 27 minutes

Nitrox Diving Course Khao Lak Instructors are certified nitrox PADI, CMAS & IANTD and all our boats are fully equipped with Nitrox filling stations

During your stay with us why not take a nitrox course?
It is a much safer way to dive and you can get certified as a, Nitrox Diver in 1 or 2 days: theory + 2 boat dives.

Then dive with Nitrox: compared to the safety it brings, the cost of diving with Nitrox is nothing (from 5 to 7 € depending the tank, and less if you take a package)
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We also care for our staff and ensure they dive with Nitrox, whether it’s for a Fun Dive or a course so why not take your Nitrox Diving Course Khao Lak?

  • Nitrox certifications:
  • CMAS – Theory + 2 boat Dives Nitrox + Certification Card: 500 THB (about 200 €)
  • PADI – Theory + 2 boat Dives Nitrox + Certification Card:000 THB (about 245 €)
Nitrox Diving Course Khao Lak

Same course – same theory – same prerogative – same instructor
Just a certification fee difference!

Nitrox Diving Course Khao Lak offer you a Special rates on all our cruises!

  • CMAS – Theory + 2 boat Dives Nitrox + Certification Card:500 THB (about 125 €)
  • PADI – Theory + 2 boat Dives Nitrox + Certification Card: 000 THB (about 160 €)

Same course – same theory – same instructor – same prerogative
Just a certification fee difference!

There are a lot of myths regarding the use of nitrox and its application in recreational diving. To help you to make the difference between myth and facts, we have made the following FAQ section especially dedicated to Nitrox.

F.A.Q. nitrox

Can I go deeper with Nitrox?

No, Nitrox is mostly used on mid depth dives, ranging from 20-40 meters (~60-130 feet). The more oxygen you have in the mix, the shallower the MOD will be.

Can I use my equipment or do I need to purchase new one?

You do not need to purchase any additional diving equipment. You can use your present regulator and change between Nitrox and air provided you use a 40% mix or less. However we strongly recommend having your regulator and BCD inflator serviced before to use Nitrox

Do I need to have a special certification to use Nitrox?

Yes, the use of Nitrox requires special training and certification in its use.For those who are not yet certified, Andaman Scuba offers basic Nitrox certification. nitrox 1 Courses are available on our entire live-aboard cruises and in our dive centre in conjunction with our daytrips.

What do I need to complete my course?

Entry level certificate from any diving organization (CMAS, Open Water PADI, Scuba Diver NAUI…) the minimum agerequirement is 15 years.

Can I get decompression sickness by diving with Nitrox?

Yes, no gas or diving table can absolutely ensure that a diver will not get decompression sickness. Using Nitrox provides significant decompression advantages over air, which may help avoid decompression sickness, but with all diving there is a risk of decompression illness.

Can I still have Narcosis using Nitrox?

It might seem logical that with reduced nitrogen in the breathing mix there would be reduced nitrogen narcosis at depth. The fact is, oxygen can also be a narcotic gas when under pressure. The result is that there is no significant change in narcosis while diving with enriched air Nitrox, when compared to diving with air.

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