Dive Khao Lak our Day trips

From Khaolak, we organise daily dives trips to the best dive sites:

  • Similan Islands / Koh Bon / Koh Tachai / Richelieu Rock
  • Boonsung Wreck / Sea Chart Wreck / Nayak Reef

1 – Similan Islands – Koh Bon – Koh Tachai – Richelieu Rock

Alternating granite boulders, hard coral reefs, withe sand bottom, colored sea fans and soft corals, each dive sites offer its own specificity, where pelagic and endemic species can be observed. Something for the eyes and the lens of each!

koh tachai diving
Dive Khao Lak

Click here for a detailled description of every dive site : Destinations Similan Richelieu

Dive Khao Lak Schedule and Prices

From October 2017 to May 2018
Similan Islands & Koh Bon
Everyday 2 dives from 4.500 thb
Koh Tachai
Everyday 2 dives from 4.700 thb
Richelieu Rock
Everyday excepted Monday 2 dives from 5.000 thb
Special 3 Dives Koh Tachai / Koh Bon
Every Wednesday 3 dives from 5.500 thb
Mini Cruise Similan / Koh Bon – 2 Days
Departure Everyday 1 or 2 Nights / 6 to 7 Dives

Dive Khao Lak trips include:

  • Transfer to Go / return of your hotel
  • Coffee, tea, soft drinks and breakfast onboard
  • lunch
  • Tanks & weights
  • Divemastering

Not included:

  • Thai Marine National Park fees
    (access 500 thb / park + 200 thb / diver / day)
  • Biers
  • Personal Diving Equipment
khao lak liveaboard

2 – Locals Wrecks and Khaolak Reef

Near Khao Lak there are a Reef, and several old and modern wrecks.

  • Nayak Reef Khaolak : Khao Na Yak Reef is the best known and has a depth of around 9 meters.
    Shallow coral reefs, which are ideal when you are learning to dive or for refresh dives.
    Two successive dives can be completed there in half a day
  • Boonsong wreck : This wreck rests 45 minutes west of the village of Bangsak, off the Thailand coast.
    The former tin mine boat sank in 1984 in waters 18 meters deep.
    Considered too dangerous because of the shallow depth, the Thai Marine office was called upon to set charges and collapse the bridge of the boat to reduce her height. This established the wreck which we know today, 10 meters in height and scattered over more than an 80 meter area.
    Over the years, hard and soft corals have developed on the hull, which became an artificial cliff, attracting big shoals of fish. The wreck of Boonsong established the only “reef” in the middle of a huge sandy surface, and a big variety of shellfish and fishes have settled on it – sea horses – angelfish – barracudas …
  • Condreco wreck : This wreck rests on its side, in waters 20 meters deep and just a few hundred meters away from the beach at Thai Muang.
    Also used for the transport of tin, Condreco sank in September 2000.
    In an excellent state and covered with soft corals, we find a large number of moray, leopard sharks there, and many sorts of Pterois – lion fish and scorpion fishes. It is also possible to observe ghost pipe fish.

Dive Khao Lak Schedule and Prices

From October 2017 to May 2018
Boonsung Wreck
Everyday 2 dives from 2.500 thb
Condreco + Sea Chart Wrecks
On request 2 dives from 2.500 thb
Nayak Reef Khoal
Everyday 2 dives from 2.000 thb

All the trips include:

  • Transfer to Go / return of your hotel
  • Coffee, tea, soft drinks and breakfast onboard
  • lunch
  • Tanks & weights
  • Divemastering

Equipment can be rented from our dive centre:

  • Full Set : 600 thb (about 16 €)/ day
  • BCD : 200 thb (about 5 €)/ day
  • Regulator : 200 thb (about 5 €)/ day
  • Suit : 150 thb (about 4 €)/ day
  • Mask & snorkel: 150 thb (about 4 €)/ day
  • Nitrox computer : 300 thb (about 8 €)/ day
  • Nitrox : Free to 200 thb (about 5 €) / 12L tank
  • 15L Tank : 300 thb (about 8 €)/ day
diving khao lak

Our team welcomes you throughout the year to discover or rediscover the best dive sites of Thailand, on board our live-aboard boats Bunmee 3 and Bunmee 4 , and on daily diving trips.
Our instructors are here to pass on their knowledge and share their experience with you.

  • Ask for a program personalized via our form for the period of stay of your choice.
  • For more information about our live-aboard or any offer please fill the pre-booking form
  • Why not take the opportunity to continue your scuba diver training?
    We also organize all diving courses in our base in Bangniang / Khaolak.
    Advanced or specialty diving courses, Divemaster courses, we have everything here to help you achieve your diving goals and ambitions.

Go enriched air!

Dive today and experience Enriched Air Nitrox.
We are fully equipped with a Nitrox filling station.

Introductory dives / Nitrox Diver certification course or simply Nitrox diving, we offer all nitrox courses.

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