Few words about us

First of all, the shared passion for the Sea and Her Life is the principal link constituting all our Team.

We live for and through this passion, which leads us in our activities and guides our choices in our life style.

Transmitting this passion to the divers we meet is totally inseparable.
We love photography and underwater video, marine biology and life expansion models, and are freely open to share our knowledge – free of charge 😉


SimilanScuba.com and Andaman Scuba

SimilanScuba.com is an entity of Andaman Scuba, our Diving Centre, first French Diving Centre in Thailand establishing itself in Phuket in 1997 & Khao Lak in 2004 and since evolving and catering to divers from across the globe.

Join the Experience

Our entire live-aboard dive cruises are operated using our own boats and team.
Our diving team is managed by our group of professional and very experienced CMAS & PADI Instructors.

We operate Diving Liveaboards cruises in Thailand & Burma for the 18th consecutive year and benefited more than 30 years experience in Scuba Diving Organization all around the world…


Enjoy the difference

We focus on quality and comfort for divers, backed up by a personalised and professional service.

In keeping with Andaman Scuba’s ethos since our first cruise back in 1997 we strive to create an atmosphere of warmth and friendliness.
We appreciate and respect, the trust our clients place in us, and we are dedicated to achieving the highest standards in the performance of our responsibilities to you.
This is the motivation behind our working ethic, to lead, and innovate in our approach, to ensure you receive the very best service, and advice.

These factors will remain inseparable components of our business culture while Andaman Scuba operates diving cruises on-board the BUNMEE fleet, with the aim of providing you with unforgettable memories both in our underwater kingdom that during life on-board.



About our Prices

We focus on quality and comfort for divers, backed up by a personalised and professional service.
When comparing our prices with other dive centres you will see that, at the medium end range, we are not the cheapest and not the most expensive, somewhere between ‘budget liveaboards’ and luxury 4 star cruises.
We like to think that we are offering just slightly less than ‘4 star luxuries’ but at a very reasonable price range just above the ‘budget market’ cost.

What more will you get with us?

  • At first you will have more space on board as we limit the number of passengers on every cruise.
    Our boats are never overcrowded or overbooked!

The cabins are for 2 passengers only (double bed or twin beds) and are cleaned daily

Our boats offer cabins with en-suite private shower-toilet, or semi-private shower-toilet (1 shower-toilet shared for 2 cabins only)
The crew have their own shower-toilet

  • We serve better quality food with a wider choice and variety (fishes – meats – sea food on every lunch & diner) and in quantity – Fresh fruits and desserts

Vegetarian dishes are also offered, and we cater to your preferences.
You can choose your preferred breakfast a la carte.

  • The dives are guided by professional instructors and divemasters, certified from different diving organisations, with minimum 3 years experience of the dive sites of Thailand and Myanmar.


This will ensure, not only your safe diving, but also that we will take you directly to the specific interest of each and every dive site.

We are also flexible with regard to the organisation of the daily schedule and can adapt the dive entry times based on how many divers are already on site.
We prefer to not meet large groups of divers from other boats during our dives 😉

There is no rush, we are flexible: after all it is your diving holiday time 😉

  • And last but not least, we have on board free Wi-Fi and also the natural in built DNA conviviality of Andaman Scuba J

So in fact you get a lot more when you compare with other centres for spending just a little more 🙂

Just remember that with Diving Liveabords as with everything else in life, we get what we pay for.
What ever way you choose to go, Andaman Scuba wishes you fantastic dives in our beautiful underwater kingdom!


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